Why participate in Earth Healing Meditation All Over the World Or Earth Healing Prayer All Over the World?

I believe that humans have the capacity to be more sustainable custodians of our Planet, but we need to accept this responsibility and understand what is required of us before we can begin to make changes for the better. This meditation/prayer asks that you make a promise to change one thing in your life, in order to help the environment. One small change for you, can make a huge difference to the Earth, if many others do the same. Study of group meditation has shown that focus on a specific positive outcome while meditating, can influence public behaviour significantly. I hope therefore, that the ‘better’ choices you make during the meditation may influence others.

Consider the statement: “We are the only creature on Earth with the ability to look after all of our own kind, all other creatures and our environment!”

Clearly, responsibility for changing current negative impact on the environment, rests solely with us. My hope and belief is that if we work together to make small but consistent changes to our way of life, we can slowly reverse the damage done in the past and improve the future for ourselves and our environment.

Who can participate in the Earth Healing Meditation or Earth Healing Prayer?

People of any gender, race or religion. Age should be roughly over 10 years. They need to be able to sit still and concentrate for 30 minutes.

If you have never meditated/prayed before can you participate?

Yes, because it is a guided meditation/prayer which means you don’t need to know how to do it. The process is explained to you as you meditate/pray.

What is a guided meditation/prayer?

A meditation/prayer where a script encourages your imagination. You remain in control of your thoughts and your actions.

What is meditation?

Sitting or standing comfortably for a period of time, usually with eyes closed, concentrating on your thoughts, your breath, a voice or an object for the purposes of relaxation, reducing stress, increased awareness and/or spiritual development.

Are there different types of meditation?

Yes, many. There is meditation for physical, mental and emotional relaxation, self-healing, spiritual connection and spiritual and religious development.

Is there a difference between prayer and meditation?

Prayer can be a request for assistance or an expression of thankfulness while meditation is usually the directed focusing of energy or thought. Some forms of prayer may be considered as a type of meditation.

Where can the meditation/prayer be performed?

Somewhere quiet where you are not going to be disturbed. Can be inside or outside, in any surrounding.

Who can I meditate/pray with?

Anyone you feel comfortable with. Can be done in small or large groups, or by yourself. Totally up to you.

Who should not participate?

If your body can cope with sitting or standing still for 30 minutes and you are feeling well enough to concentrate and think creatively for 30 minutes as well as feel compassion, appreciation and love, there are no exclusions.

What should I wear?

Anything you like! Just be comfortable.

Can you leave the meditation/prayer once it has begun?

You can leave the meditation/prayer at any time if you feel uncomfortable. If a health emergency arises, please believe that your health is more important than the meditation/prayer and ask for help immediately!

What if I am on call for work?

Choose to meditate/pray near an exit and place your mobile phone on silent. If you do receive a call please leave the room quietly before speaking.

Do you have control of your thoughts and actions during the Earth Healing Meditation/Prayer?

You remain in control of your thoughts and actions.

Should I join the Earth Healing Meditation/Prayer if I am feeling angry or upset?

Meditation/Prayer is generally considered good for people who are feeling angry or upset. However, this Meditation/Prayer requires that you be able to feel love for the Earth, the environment and all living things. If you can not maintain a feeling of love at this time, please accept an invitation to join with Earth Healing Meditation/Prayer next year.

Meditation Excerpts:

“We are the only creature on Earth with the ability to look after all of our own kind, all other creatures and our environment.” (Face Page, Statement by Linda Xerri)

The purpose of this Earth Healing Meditation is to promote harmony between all living things and the Earth and to increase human interest in living sustainably, because the Earth is the common ground for all life.

Concentrate on each breath, start by gently breathing in through the nose and finish it by gently breathing out through the mouth again, then pause and relax between breaths.

Let us establish the healing energy flow. We will do this by imagining a connected loop of silver light passing from the centre of the Earth, up through one side of your body, over the top edge of your heart, down through the other side of your body and into the Earth again. Feel the silver loop cycling through you, in time with your breath.

Imagine the snow-capped mountains all around the world. Feel the crisp cold sting of the mountain air in your nose and lungs as you breathe in. Imagine the pristine purity of the white snow and the contrasting darkness of the surrounding trees with their frosted branches glistening in the moon light. Love and appreciate them.

Think of the bush lands and the rainforests of the world. Imagine the sunlight filtering through the trees. Hear the patter of the rain drops and see the huge leaves shuddering under the weight of monsoon rains. Imagine the earthy smell of the air as you walk through the forest. Feel dead twigs crunch underfoot. See flower buds opening through a veil of rising wisps as the sun turns rain into mist. These jungles and forests are the lungs of the planet. Love and appreciate them.

Imagine the Earth cycles that exist for water and nutrients and understand the delicate balance between all environments; mountains and desert, jungle and ocean, land and sky. Visualise the web that exists between all living things. Appreciate each environment that supports the range of creatures that we have on earth.

Imagine repairing the damaged landscape resulting from war and leave it healthy and safe with all people being equal, sharing kindness, respect and peace.

Keep your eyes closed and take it in turn for each individual in your group to suggest aloud, one thing they can change in their life now, which will benefit the Earth and our Environment.

Please open your eyes and release the hand of the person next to you. With your palms up, place your hands together in front of your mouth and blow your personal promise to honour the Earth into the air.

Please take some time to shake hands or hug each other if your culture permits and perhaps share some food before leaving.

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